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If the client is not happy with any decision taken by the FairCert in respect of granting, withholding, suspension or cancellation of certification under NPOP, EEC 834/2007, PGS and compliant can be made with FairCert.

The Certification Manger would first attend to all written complaints received and a receipt for the same will be issued either by giving a signed copy of the complaint letter or by a reply to the email if the complaint is by way of email.

Based on nature of complaint, Certification Manager shall review the compliant and decide that whether complaint to be accepted or rejected due to insufficient substantiated or incomplete complaint. If it is rejected, will inform the complainant of the same. The accepted request shall enter into the complaint register and receipt of a complaint send by email or written a formal letter to the complainant.

Subsequently, Certification Manager does appoint staff committee or single employee to investigate the complaint or independent committee / person other than the employees involved in inspection and certification decision made of complainant.

All the subsequent actions and recommendations are submitted to CEO for final decision. The outcome will be informed to the complainant in writing (via email/letter) within 30 (thirty) days after receiving a complaint.

If the complainant is not satisfied with the outcome, then he or she may file an Appeal against decision made to CEO within 30 days of decision.

The procedure of complaint and complaint form is available on request.


In case of any decision taken by FairCert is not agreeable to client, the client can make an appeal against that decision.

The Certification Committee/CEO would first attend to all written appeals received. The appeal shall enter into appeal register and receipt of an appeal send by email or written a formal letter to the appellant. Based on nature of appeal, CEO or Certification Committee shall review the request and decided that whether appeal will be accepted or rejected. If it is rejected, will inform the appellant of the same.

The appeal committee is decided by the CEO, if CEO is involved in evaluation of Certification of that client then QM or CM who are not involved in the evaluation or certification will appoint an investigation committee which is in charge of the appeal process and is accountable for safeguarding the impartiality with respect to the appeal and operations of the organization.

The Appeal Committee responsible for gathering and verifying all necessary information (as far as possible) to progress the appeal to a decision. The decision will be reviewed by a person not involved in the certification.

All the recommendations and actions including any correction and corrective action taken, will inform to the Appeal Committee and recorded by FairCert.

The outcomes of resolution of appeal will inform to the appellant in writing within 30 (thirty) days after receipt of the appeal. If the appellant is disagreed with the decision made, appellant may be re-appeal to Appeal committee or CEO within 30 days of appeal decision.

The procedure of complaint and appeal and forms are available on request

A compliant and appeal can be made in writing, please write to : Certification Manager or Dr. Pushkar Kulshrestha, CEO : ,
If you are not satisfied with the CEO decision you can write to : Vivek Jain, Director:

All the information is kept confidential.

All legal disputes are subject to Khargone jurisdiction only.

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