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FairCert Certification Services Pvt. Ltd.

Impartiality & Confidentiality

FairCert is committed to have impartiality on all its inspection and certification process and all persons involved in the inspection & certification process has to declare any potential conflicts of interest. FairCert not allow commercial, fiscal or other pressures compromise impartiality.

FairCert does not encourage the use of any third party consulting companies. FairCert shall provide clients with the confidence that client confidential and proprietary information shall not be disclosed. FairCert has included protection regarding confidential information disclosure.

Complaint & Appeal

If any client is not happy with any decision taken by FairCert in respect of granting, withholding, suspension or cancellation of certification under NPOP, EEC 834/2007, NOP, ISO, HALAL & HACCP and compliant against staff can be made with FairCert.

In case of any decision taken by FairCert is not agreeable to client, the client can make an appeal against that decision. The procedure of complaint and appeal is available on request.

A compliant and appeal can be made in writing, please write to: Dr. Pushkar Kulshrestha, CEO:,

If you are not satisfied with CEO decision you can write to; Vivek Jain, Director:

* All the information is kept confidential.
* All legal disputes are subject to Khargone jurisdiction only.